Sunday, March 31, 2013

Zigzag 9 patch finished!

Well, almost finished. I still need to sew the binding on.  Here it is:

This is a quilt designed with my Baby Go! Cutter.  I had both of the Rose of Sharon dies and wanted to use them.  I love the carpenter's square block so decided if I left out the center square, I would have a place to applique the roses.  This is what I have now. -- it goes into the "to be quilted" pile!
This is one my longarm now.   Doesn't it just sing SPRING!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Few More Finishes/Baby Chick Update

A few more finishes:
Deb's pillow shams:
Barb's Quilt for her grandson:
Marquerite's scrap quilt:

I used my Circlelord board for Marquerite's scrap quilt.  Don't know why I don't use it more often. 
And my baby chicks this past weekend.  The weather was great so we took them outside.

They were eating coleslaw. 
Our little sew group is having an over-night retreat at the lake tomorrow.  So looking forward to sew, sew, sew!!!  Although I do hate to miss Memphis v. St. Mary's game.  Go  Tigers!!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Barb's Quilt & Baby Chicks!

This is Barb's quilt.  Love the Elvis backing!  Perfect for anyone from Memphis.

All I have is a metal goat but these are our latest endeavor.  Aren't they cute?????
Bruta, our boxer, pouted and is very unhappy that he is sharing the garage with these chirping little birds. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Quilter's Heaven????

Do you think there will be a special place for quilters in heaven????  When I was quilting this double wedding ring, this was what I was wondering.  You know, a special corner surrounded by fabric??  Streets of gold don't entice me nearly as much as streets of fabric do.  I mean, I'm just saying, it sure would be nice if there is a special corner for we quilters. 
The reason this was on my mind is that my niece, Paula, bought some double wedding ring melons at an antique store.  They were huge melons.  I must say, I couldn't figure out why she was drawn to these.  The white in the center was yellowed and some of  the fabrics were fraying.  But she saw the potential.  She took the melons apart, discarded the yellowed white fabric, cut the pieces down and made this beautiful quilt.

There has got to be some little lady (or could be a man, I guess) smiling because someone cared enough to use her melons and make this beautiful quilt.  Thank you, Paula.  Sending hugs and kisses your way!