Monday, December 27, 2010

Halloween Embroidered Quilt

Here are pictures of the halloween embroidered quilt I did in October.  Turned out nice but, oh, so time consuming since I went over the embroderies with black quilting thread.  They were so large, they had to have some quilting.
My first UFO is on the machine now.  Just finished the first border and the corner and inset triangles.  This is Sherman's March by Bonnie Blue Quilts. 

I did have to add a baby quilt to my UFO stack.  I got it pieced Christmas Eve and it is now in the "to be quilted stack". 

Red Snappers

I installed the red snappers I bought from Ranae (  They were quick and easy to install and made loading a quilt a <snap>.   No more being stuck with pins!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

One more for the list!

One more in process quilt:
Family Butterfly appliquequilt


Our guild is asking its members to see how many UFOs they can finish in 2011.  That gives me an incentive to get some things finished!!  I must be the queen of UFOs so I will list them so I can mark them off as they are completed.

Ready to be quilted:
1. Sherman's March (Bonnie Blue pattern) - on the longarm now
2. Guild's BOM exchange -- oh, let's see -- about 2007 or so
3. The Quilt Show's BOM in 2009
4. Dresden Plate wall hanging
5. Patriotic applique quilt
6. Blue-yellow table runner
7. Scarecrow table runner
8. Double wedding ring table cloth
9. Small brown star strip quilt

Works in Process:
1. Crazy Bet (Bonnie Blue pattern) of 4" baskets!  Have 140 little baskets.  Need 300!!
2. Strawberry fabric quilt - started in 2007
3. Garden Trellis (started about 1998!)
4. Ohio Star (again, 1998!)
5.  Connestoga about 2000
6.  Pieced patriotic, about 2001
7.  Red/ brown pieced quilt (oh, can't remember how long!)
8.  Angles at the crossing (about 2002)
9.  Santa Barbara (about 2003)
10. Pieced & appliqued patriotic (about 2002)
11. Barbara Brackman applique
12. Embroidered cat of the month quilt

Boxes of fabrics for quilts - not yet started - but have the fabric ready to go!
1. Cowboy boots quilt
2. Red/Black quilt

Oh, and one last one - not yet started, but I want to do The Quilt Show's BOM for 2011! 

Now, let's see if anyone in the quild has more UFOs!!