Saturday, September 28, 2013

Civil War & Bonnie Hunter

How's that for a title??!!!  Here is my version of Bonnie Hunter's Roll, Roll Cotton Boll.  Still lack the pieced border but this is an accomplishment since there were over 600 tiny half squares to make!!  Thank goodness for the AccuQuilt Go cutter!!
I didn't do the string alternate blocks but just made them scrappy using several tan fabrics.  I especially like the name Bonnie gave this quilt since I grew up on a cotton farm in Texas.  Can't wait to get the pieced borders finished.
Here is Barb's civil war quilt. 

Barb said all the little pieces were pre-cut.  Love all the fabrics.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Quilt Retreat

Our little quilting group went on a quilt retreat last week --from Tennessee to a beautiful cottage in Clear Lake, WI which is owned by Barb in our group.  Here are some pictures:

I know, I know -- just too pretty to get much quilting done.  But we actually did quilt some!  We also went to the Quilt Expo in Madison and visited two great shops:  JJ's Stitches and Primitive Gatherings.  And spent waaaaaaaay too much money.  <grin>  But, oh, what fun!!  
MANY, MANY THANKS TO BARB AND BILL for allowing us to visit their beautiful cottage!!!