Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rainy Days = Finished quilt tops

I don't like to be on my longarm when it is raining because, for some unknown reason (other than we live in the country), our electricity tends to go off.  So I have taken advantage of these rainy days by finishing two quilt tops.  The Quilt Show BOM is ready to be quilted.  I added an extra border because I wanted it to fit my king size bed. 

Yes!!!  Finished the top BEFORE the end of the year!!!! 
And then I finished my lemoyne star quilt -- it is large:  101 x 110. 

Any suggestions on how to quilt it????  
I have ordered the backings for both quilts from Delta Patchwork and they should be here next Tuesday.  Now if it will stop raining, I'll get back to my butterfly quilt. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ruffled Roses BOM

Almost through with The Quilt Show's 2011 BOM.  Just need to finish appliquing the four corners and then I can sew on the last two borders. 
I love these pieced swag borders:
And I have two of the appliqued borders finished.  Two more to go.

And I wasted 3 hours making piping because I thought it would really set off the next borders on the quilt.  It was a wasted effort because it doesn't really show at all.  I had made enough piping to put on both sides of the border but decided it wasn't worth the effort.  It shows up pretty well in this photo but you can't really see it on the quilt top.

Two of the swag borders are sewn on.

I have expended a lot of wasted effort lately.  I am working on my butterfly quilt and don't think I like what I am doing around the butterfly.  What do you think?  I think it needs to come out but don't know what to do to make the butterflies zing.

Hope I have a better week this week because I am not looking forward to removing those tiny pebbles.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Two more finished quilts

This is a quilt I did for Marquerite:

And one for Barb -- the Hobo Quilt:

I now have my butterfly quilt on Matilda (as in waltzing matilda -- my longarm).

Friday, December 9, 2011


My nieces, Paula, Pat and Phyllis, were here yesterday and we exchanged gifts.  We try to meet once a month to sew together.  I wish I had taken pictures while they were here!!!!
Pat gave me this beautiful pillow.  They come to McKenzie from Nashville and she has written on the pillow:  "Over the river and through the woods to Aunt Joyce's house we go to sew, sew, sew."   She even stuck a deer behind the tree for David.

And from Paula, a needle holder. 

And from Phyllis, a beautiful box with a cross stitched top:

Can't really read it in the picture, but it says "home is where the heart is".
I am so blessed to have 9 beautiful nieces and  5 handsome nephews!!
I scaled down on decorating this year and like it much better.  Two trees:  the big tree and a small one with hunting and fishing ornaments for David.  And my mother-in-law's old Christmas ornaments (from early 1930s). 

I have a few other knick-knacks around -- my snowmen collection, a ceramic Christmas tree that my daughter made before she died, and my Christmas salt & pepper shakers and two navitiy scenes.  Simple and uncluttered.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sampler Quilt

Our guild (Tennessee Volunteer Quilt Guild, Martin, TN) met in the Martin library for years and one of the librarians has cancer.  We decided to make a throw quilt for her.  Members contributed 12-1/2" blocks and I put them together and quilted it for her.  I sewed the binding on with the longarm and now it is ready for one of the members to do the handstitching of the binding. 

I am always surprised when I get a mishmash of blocks -- none go together at all -- and then you come up with a sashing and - BAM - it comes together. 
This is on my machine now:

Stay tuned because I am going to post a BOM beginning in January, 2012.  You will need 3-1/2 yards of a dark fabric and 2-1/2 yards of a lighter/contrasting fabric.  I am using a solid black and a print.

And here are my accent fabrics (you'll need about 2 yards total -- can be fat quarters.

Sorry, my camera doesn't do the fabrics justice.  But you will get the idea of what you will need.
The BOM will have one simple applique block -- very, very simple -- that can be appliqued by any technique you prefer.  All the other blocks will be pieced.  Join us for some fun!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pat's Quilt finished!

I finished this a few days ago but just now getting around to posting them.  Here is a couple "in process":

And here is the finished quilt:

My nieces did such a great job on their applique!!  And they finished them in about 10 months!  And that is a lot of applique.  I can attest to that because it took forever to stitch in the ditch all the applique.  I have quilted lots of applique quilts but none with as much applique as these.  I started this quilt at the same time as my nieces and I have ONE block appliqued!!!! 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

YIPPEE!! I'm finished with Nov. BOM!!

Note the date --IT IS NOVEMBER 5!!!! -- and my Ruffled Roses BOM is up-to-date!!!!!  I do like it now.

Well, it is sewn together but now I have to applique 8 more little berries where the seams join.  But that is a piece of cake! 
And just so those who visit my house and see my cat always on the towel - well, she has ventured off.  Her new resting place in on the stairs. 

Doesn't that look say:  "Don't you even think about putting me back on the towel!"
I brought my Christmas cactus in a couple of weeks ago.  Have a look. 

I have all the applique stitched in the ditch on Pat's quilt:
Now to do the fill.  I'm just glad to be through with the invisible thread.  I used monolon but it is so fine, it does tend to break often.  I loosened my tension to almost nothing and it sewed much better.  Now on to the Sew Fine and Bottom Line threads.  So much easier to use. 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Almost up-to-date on BOM

Nothing like waiting until the last day, but I am up-to-date on The Quilt Show's BOM EXCEPT for one appliqued block plus 7 more berries on the 3rd block.  Only 4 more baskets to go!!  Thank goodness.  I am tired of these little baskets.  I'm so glad that you only have to do 4 per month!!!  You can also see the pieced swag border. 

Here is one of the applique blocks that goes in the corner of the basket border. 

When I began this quilt in January, I envisioned a civil war type quilt.  Well, it is anything but civil warish (is that a word????) .  Too many brights have been added but I still like it, I think.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Billie Lauder - Four Patches

Check out this video.  I have never seen this technique to do 4 patches but thought it was great.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Long time since posting

It's been a long time since I posted.  After doing Paula's applique, I did a lot of "bread and butter" quilting so I could get caught up.  I did do two custom quilts.  Here is Nancy's gecko (is that the correct spelling????) quilt:

Sorry the picture is so blurry.
And here is Barb's fall quilt:

I tried a new border technique (for me) that I have been seeing on   You may have to enlarge to see it since the border is brown.  I really like the effect it gives.
Now to do Pat's Aunt Millie's Flower Garden so look for me in a month! <grin>

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finished! Memphis Trip, etc.

I finally finished Paula's Aunt Millie's Garden.  Only took me a month!!!  She did an excellent job and it turned out so pretty. 

I still have another Aunt Millie's Flower garden to do for another of my nieces, Pat.  But I have a few quilts to get done before hers.  Which is a good thing!  There is a w-h-o-l-e lot of applique to stitch around before doing the filler work.  Very time consuming! 
My little "welfare" birds are storing up for their trip south.  I have used two 50# bags of sugar this summer to feed these little critters.  You can't get good pictures because they move so quickly and there is no way you can count them.  This is just a small sampling.

We love watching them!
Yesterday was our group's sew day in Memphis.  Arlene Blackburn graciously opened Delta Patchwork for us and we had a ball.  Her shop is primarily a web shop.  Check it out at
Here is what I bought.  
Don't have any idea what I'm going to do with them but just HAD to have them!