Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sherry Rogers-Harrison Class at MQS

I have finished my lancaster star that Sherry made for all of the participants in the class.  We did a small practice piece in class and had this to take home.  This is how it looked when I first started to paint:
After many days it is finished.  My nephew had four feather pillows that belonged to my grandmother.  I took one of them and made into this pillow:

I love how the painting turned out and it was lots of fun.  And it goes perfectly with my lemoyne star quilt:

I also took the left-over jelly roll strips from making this quilt and made this pillow also using one my grandmother's feather pillows:

There is a video at  I hope this link works.  If you haven't checked out Missouri Quilt Company's web site, you should at  She has some great tutorials and lots of You Tube videos if you do a search for Missouri Quilt Company at You Tube, you will find them. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What I am working on

At AQS in Paducah I bought this pattern:
And a kit to go with it.  I now have it "webbed" down.

Now how in the world do I rotate this??????   Oh, well, you can tell what it is.  It is going to be the medallion center for a quilt for my husband.  I plan to surround it with flying geese and log cabins.  His birthday is Nov. 22 and our anniversay is Dec. 1.  Will I have the quilt finished by then????  We will see.
And I have Barb's quilt on the longarm and I'm almost half through with it.  It is rainy today so I couldn't get the right lighting so you could see the quilting, but here it is:

And I have all the blocks made for Pie in the Sky and have begun sewing them together as you can see on the bottom.  I decided to go with a solid sashing rather than all the squares Kim Diehl used. 

Now if it would just rain and get it over with, I could do some  quilting on Barb's quilt.  Our electricity goes out at the drop of a pin so I don't dare try it when it is dark and looking rainy. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Fabric 1 (dark red):  Cut two 5" squares
                                 Cut twelve 2-1/2" squares
Fabric 2 (pink):  Cut two 5" squares
Fabric 3 (black):  Cut eight 2-1/2" squares
Fabric 4 (orange):  Cut five 4-1/2" squares

Place a 5" dark red and a 5" pink square right sides together.  Mark diagonally from corner to corner and sew 1/4" from drawn line.  Do the same with the other set of pink and dark red squares.  You will have four of these:

Using the connector square method, make four of these using the black on one side and the dark red on the other side of the orange 4-1/2" squares.  You will have four like this:

Take the remaining orange 4-1/2" square and sew a red 2-1/2" square in each corner using the connector square method.  You will have one like this:

Lay out your pieces as shown and sew together as a nine patch.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sherry Rogers-Harrison Class at MQS

The girls (Linda and Dana) and I took Paint-leque from Sherry Rogers-Harrison at MQS.  What fun we had.  I don't know why I didn't take pictures of our art work (she gave us a quilted small piece to practice on) other than brain drain.  But we all enjoyed it.  Here are pictures of Sherry's quilts and our inspiration:

This is one of her award winning quilts.  Nope, that is not applique!!  She quilted it on white PDF fabric and then painted it.  Exquisite!!!
On for more eye candy:

Yep.  All done the same way -- quilted and then painted.  She gave each studio a quilted piece to paint.  This is the quilted piece that she had painted for samples:

Of course, we bought all the paints and can't wait to start painting this little quilt!  I would really like to take all of ther classes but time didn't permit.  I am not sure that this would be faster than needle turned applique, but I sure like the technique. 
And this is a pattern that Dana bought.  Can't wait to see it finished:
The trip was GREAT!  And it got my mojo going again.  Can't wait to paint and quilt!

More eye candy from MQS

Even though I absolutely love the quilts, I love the quilting more and that is what I take pictures of, but I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Eye Candy from MQS in Kansas City

I didn't take enough pictures -- and no pictures of the winners.  The quilts were beautiful.  Sharon Schambler's was great, but I didn't take a picture.  Can't tell you why.  Linda Taylor had another beauty that I didn't take.  Here are the ones I took and I have no idea who did them!
And closer for the quilting of this one;

On to another.  This is Sherry Rogers-Harrison's Autumn Butternut (just a portion of it):
It was so beautiful (won a 2nd) -- and it is not applique!  It is painted!  Took her class and will do another blog on it.
And a few more that I have no idea who did them::

I'll add a few more in another post.  Hope you enjoyed the eye candy!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Two Baby Quilts

I quilted two baby quilts for two friends recently.  This is Nancy's and I did this one free hand:
And added the large daisy with the longarm:

Really a cute quilt. 
And this is Debbie's.  I used my Circlelord board for the zigzag and a stencil for the little rabbit holding a carrot and radish:
Close-up of rabbit:

And this is a picture of a red fox in our front yard.  You can barely see him but he is just below the writing:

Well, I don't see any writing, but he is just left of the tree. 
Have a great day!  Next week I am off to MQS with two friends.  We will be taking a class with Sherry Rogers Harrison which should be a lot of fun.