Wednesday, June 29, 2011

River Quilting Retreat

I have just returned from a F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C quilting retreat on the Tennessee River.  We are so fortunate that one of the ladies in our little quilting group has a son who has a beautiful second home on the Tennessee River and let us have a retreat there.  Lots of quilting, good food and relaxation!!!  Thank you, Nancy, your son, Brad and D-I-L, Betsy.  It was so peaceful and quiet that it was hard to work -- but work we had to do --  after all, it was a quilting retreat!   
Here is a picture of Debbie, Barbara and Nancy.  Sorry it is so far away you can't really recognize them but I wanted a picture of the entire home.

A picture of the sun setting over the river.

Now, why didn't I take pictures of the quilts we worked on!!!  The only excuse is that I was either busy quilting or eating and I forgot to get my camera out until the last night.  Nancy won the prize for accomplishing the most -- that is, if we were giving prizes.  Barbara worked on applique, Debbie worked on a t-shirt quilt and her Crazy Bet quilt and I worked on the 9-patch Gathering Baskets quilt (I bought the kit at Paducah in 2010!) .   Nancy worked on so many quilts (finished a couple!) that none of us could keep up with her. 
Barb fixed a great appetizer from called Shrimpo de Gallo.   Check it out if you like shrimp because it was out of this world!  What can I say but all the food was excellent!!!  (If you want to read a good blog, check out for some beautiful pictures and commentary.  No quilts, but she has a lot of good recipes.

Now back to longarming.
I have finished my great-niece's (Chelsea)  butterfly quilt.  These pictures show it on the machine before it was finished but it is ready to be delivered on our way to Knoxville to the AQS July 13th. 

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Off, One On

I finished this quilt for a my friend, Barbara.  Love, love these fabrics -- so much that I ordered some from Hancocks-Paducah!  Yep, one more project goes to the UFOs.  Barb was right on on  the points and where they all came together laid flat -- no hammer needed on this one!  Great work!!!

My nieces and great nieces did an exchange of butterfly blocks last year.  I think there were 24 or 25 in the exchange.  (My oldest brother had 5 girls and 2 boys so we have a big family!)  We copied the butterfly from an old quilt of my maternal grandmother, Katie Mae Whitlock King.  This one belongs to my great niece, Chelsea.  These quilts will be treasures for years to come.  (No, mine is not quilted but it IS ready to go on the machine.  There just aren't enough hours in the day.,

Some used their creative license and drew different butterflies from my grandmother's.  This has been so much fun and what a treat to see my young great-nieces loving quilts.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2001 Appliqued Patriotic Quilt -- FINISHED!

This quilt was started in the summer of 2001 before there was even an inkling of the 9-11 tragedy.  So apropos to finish it before the 10th anniversary!! 

The last picture is after binding and laundering.  The 4 applique block patterns are by Dinah Jefferies, Garden City Gateworks, Blue Springs, MO.  She has some of the most beautiful applique patterns!!  The mariner's compass was paper pieced. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

BOM update, etc.

I am catching up on Ruffled Roses BOM.  I now have the 4 patch borders on and am up-to-date on my baskets.  Still lack some on the log cabin type border but it will be done before July 1st!!!

And I'm still quilting on my patriotic quilt.  IT DID QUILT OUT!  This is going much faster than the micro work on Sherman's March.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ruffled Roses BOM Progress

I am a little behind on The Quilt Show's BOM but I will catch up.  I have the 4 baskets finished for May:
And I have the appliqued border finished and sewn on.

And two of the 4 patch borders finished.  Now to get the other two finished.  They go next to the appliqued border.  And this picture also shows portions of the outer border.

I have just printed off the June instructions so maybe by July 1, I will be caught up. 
And this is what is on my LA now.  This is my patriotic quilt and I would like to have it finished before July 4, 2011.  After all, the top was done in 2001!!!!!  Gee, it sure looks like I have a lot of fullness but I think it is because I have it pinned in places.  Oh, well, IT WILL QUILT OUT, right?????