Sunday, July 31, 2011

BOM up-to-date

Yeh!!  Nothing like waiting until the last day to get my The Quilt Show BOM up-to-date.   Four more little baskets and 3 border sections:
So I have, what 18 hours before the next month's becomes available. 
Off to church to pray for rain!!  And cooler weather!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Be sure to check out today.  She just won BEST OF SHOW for one of her quilts.  I love, love, love her quilting!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Winter Wonderland finished!

This is my friend Tillie's embroidered quilt.  

I love redwork but I really, really don't want to quilt another one any time soon <grin>.  I never can decide if you quilt over the redwork or go around it.  I did a little of both in this one.
This is my next quilt on Matilda.

This is a BOM from my guild.  I made the first block (I included most of the fabrics) and then it went to 11 other people to make a block.  I didn't get to see it until all 12 blocks were made.  I then used log cabins to put the 12 blocks together.  The colors aren't true in the picture.  Maybe the pictures will be better once I get it quilted.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Finished this week

I finished my great-niece Chelsea's quilt this week.

Doesn't this just shout feminity. 
And I threw on two of my table runners so I can mark two more off of my UFO list.  The scarecrow table runner was done at our little sewing group's retreat last September.  Everyone else had their runners on their tables in October but I will this October!!!  And the yellow/blue just matches my dishes.  Nothing special about it other than it is FINISHED (well, I still need sew bindings on but that won't take long).  It still goes into the finished pile.

Aren't those little pumkin-headed scarecrows the cutest things! 
And this is the quilt I'm working on now on my design floor.  (Yes, I know I made a design wall but it is full of other quilts in process.  No room for this one!)

Fourteen more blocks and I can get it sewn together.  I'm thinking of an applique border for it though so it may be awhile before it is ready to quilt.  This is the 9 patch quilt kit that I bought at Paducah in 2010.
Next week we head to Knoxville to the AQS show.  Can't wait.  We say we are going to the AQS show but we are really, really going to have the avocado sandwiches we had a couple of years ago there.  Sure hope the restaurant isn't closed.  Don't know the name of the restaurant but I think we can find it. 
Off to can some green beans and get my house cleaned.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, America!!

What a special birthday today is.  I feel so fortunate to live in the great USA.  I grew up in Texas and you are taught patriotism from day one.  Thank you to all my teachers for instilling in me the love of my country.  I am not sure the next generation will have that deep felt patriotism.
Enough on that.  No quilting on today's blog.  Just a little country life.
July 4th is grilling day.  I have a Boston butt on the grill.  Any time the grill is going, Bruta is on guard.  Don't you just love that sad look!  Now, yes, he is spoiled rotten.  Every time I grill, he always gets a grilled cheese sandwich and whatever is left of mine.  It is not a treat.  It is a given.
Is there anything that smells better than barbeque?  Well, yes, I can think of a few:  fresh coffee, vanilla.  I'm sure there are others.
I'd be remiss if I didn't include the other member of our family, Li'l Bit (although I now call her Fat Bit).  She is 6 years old and to think the vet wanted to put her to sleep when I got her because she was feline leukemia positive.  I just couldn't put her to sleep and here she is 6 years later.
We do have "people" members of our family, daughter and son-in-law, Stacey & Jack, and one grandson, Zachary.  But they are in St. Louis for the holiday. 
A picture of my flowers in bloom:
And our vegetable garden.
I am so ready for ripe tomatoes but not yet ready.  We have had squash, zuchini, cucumbers and green beans.  Have watermelons and cantalope -- tiny ones right now.  And lots of green tomatoes.  
There is no quilting for me today.  I am taking a class from by the Pixeladies on Photoshop Elements 9.  I am behind on the class and plan to catch up today.