Sunday, September 21, 2014

Primitive Gatherings Quilt & Wasp Nests

In June I took this picture of a nest on our dormer:
Not very large and we didn't know what type of nest it was.  But it has now grown to this:
And we have learned that it is black wasp.  The exterminator is coming tomorrow to eliminate it.

Many moons ago I bartered with Barb for this quilt kit.  It is now finished:

I love it!  Thank you, Barb, for not liking applique!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tree of Life

I have finished my version of Edyta Sitar's tree of life.  I added the oak leaf and crows.  I also bordered it with migrating geese using Deb Tucker's instruction sheet.  All made from scraps.  Not one thing purchased for this quilt.  I promise my fabric is like little bunnies -- breeding and multiplying.  I have been working on scrap quilts and still don't miss any fabric!!!!

The binding hasn't been hand stitched to the back yet but otherwise it is finished!!!  I like that word: