Monday, February 28, 2011

Hardwood floor in den

There will be no sewing for me for awhile until we get the hardwood floor laid in our den and bedroom.  It is looking good though! 
I have finished Crazy Bet but my good friend Nancy is sewing the binding on for me.  When I get it back, I'll take pictures.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Making Lemonade!!

I have posted pictures of the first month's Ruffled Roses BOM that I am doing (from and pictures of the little lattice pieces.  After I got ALL 112 of them made, I realized they did not measure 2-1/2" -- they measured just slightly over 2-1/4".  I was NOT going to make another 112 because to do so, I would have to draw my own pattern.  No matter how I tried to print it from The Quilt Show's web site, it always came out too small.  So I removed the two borders which were put on the first month, replaced it with a narrow blue border to make the lattice blocks fit and then added another narrow blue border to the outside of the lattice blocks.  I don't like it as well as I did with my focus fabric, but, hey, I didn't have to make another 112 little blocks!  These are the borders I removed.
To this with one blue border:

To this with the lattice border:
Now I'm ready for Month #3.  Hope it goes better than this months! 

Friday, February 11, 2011

My first month on The Quilt Show's BOM is finished!!  A few of my favorite things (NOT) to applique -- lots of leaves and berries!!!  This is what the first month looks like.

And this after part of the second month's portion:
I'm loving it!!  Now to do the paper pieced lattice borders.  You can't really see it, but I have added cording between the applique block and the red triangles in the blue.  Really adds to it.  I'll try to get a better picture later.
And I've gotten Crazy Bet pieced and on Matilda.  I'm auditioning how I want it quilted.  Either feathers or the curved cross hatching.  I am definitely doing curved cross hatching in the outer triangles but we'll see what I come up with for the brown borders.  I'm just going to SID around the baskets. 

Have a beautiful day!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Beautiful Snow

What a beautiful snow we are having today!!!  This is our 5th snow this season and we usually may see one 1" snow per winter.  What a great day to stay inside and quilt!
Enjoy the pictures.  And, yes, Bruta, our boxer is now inside!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Play day

I took today off to get rid of some of my stash.  I have finished all of my little baskets and didn't want to integrate the leftovers back into my stash, so I cut them up for other projects.  I am going to be taking a class taught by Bonnie Hunter in Jackson on March 5.  She is teaching the Pineapple Blossom.  I had lots of browns used in the basket quilt so thought I would do a scrappy brown pineapple blossom.  I now am ready for the class.  I probably don't have enough cut out but certainly have enough cut out that can be finished in the class.
Then I cut the remainder into two categories:  one in 2" strips to be used in a scrappy french braid quilt and the other to be used as half-square triangles in one of Edyta Sitar's patterns -- don't know which yet because I like all of her patterns and books. 

I don't use Edyta's triangle papers since I have Brenda Henning's Triangulations 2.0 and print my own.  I love that program!!! 

And I have two rows of my Crazy Bet quilt sewn together!!!!  Yeh!!! 

Yes, yes, yes!!  This has been a FUN day!!