Saturday, February 19, 2011

Making Lemonade!!

I have posted pictures of the first month's Ruffled Roses BOM that I am doing (from and pictures of the little lattice pieces.  After I got ALL 112 of them made, I realized they did not measure 2-1/2" -- they measured just slightly over 2-1/4".  I was NOT going to make another 112 because to do so, I would have to draw my own pattern.  No matter how I tried to print it from The Quilt Show's web site, it always came out too small.  So I removed the two borders which were put on the first month, replaced it with a narrow blue border to make the lattice blocks fit and then added another narrow blue border to the outside of the lattice blocks.  I don't like it as well as I did with my focus fabric, but, hey, I didn't have to make another 112 little blocks!  These are the borders I removed.
To this with one blue border:

To this with the lattice border:
Now I'm ready for Month #3.  Hope it goes better than this months! 

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  1. Good for you, Joyce, for making it work!! Let me know if you need help re-scaling any of your BOM patterns from TQS!