Monday, March 14, 2011

The end is in sight!

Our hardwood floors are almost finished.  We still need to put quarter round in the front bedroom and some transition pieces between the tile and hardwood.  Before we can finish, we have to make a run to Camden to get the trim.  But no more hardwood to be laid -- well, almost no more!!  We have 4 boxes left and we had not done the master bedroom closet because it is off the bathroom, but since we have the boxes left, David says we need to do the master closet!!  But not until everything else is finished and all furniture is back in place. But here is the master bedroom and the den pictures.
A nice picture of David's inversion chair, too.  That will be going to the guest bedroom when we get all the extra furniture out of there.
And here is a picture of the completed Crazy Bet quilt.  Two projects finished!

Many thanks to Nancy for doing the hand stitching on the binding. 
It seems ages since I have been on Matilda (as in Waltzing Matilda) and I am going to load a quilt today.  I need to get my creative juices going again.  Hope I haven't lost "the touch".   We shall see!


  1. What beautiful floors!! You must be so happy with the change in your home. :)

    And the baskets quilt is gorgeous!

  2. Joyce, the floors look stunning.

    Now I have to make a basket quilt for me. Just another project on the list. Yours is so pretty and I like it better then the pattern picture.