Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rainy Days = Finished quilt tops

I don't like to be on my longarm when it is raining because, for some unknown reason (other than we live in the country), our electricity tends to go off.  So I have taken advantage of these rainy days by finishing two quilt tops.  The Quilt Show BOM is ready to be quilted.  I added an extra border because I wanted it to fit my king size bed. 

Yes!!!  Finished the top BEFORE the end of the year!!!! 
And then I finished my lemoyne star quilt -- it is large:  101 x 110. 

Any suggestions on how to quilt it????  
I have ordered the backings for both quilts from Delta Patchwork and they should be here next Tuesday.  Now if it will stop raining, I'll get back to my butterfly quilt. 


  1. It is absolutely gorgeous. It looks really hard. I've saved the pattern, but am not known for finishing anything.....grin.

  2. Oh! That looks so good on the king. I've been stitching the center medallion the past couple of months and next month will put Ruffled Roses on my BOM worklist in earnest. (It's just the yellow colorway.) I'm glad to see it modifies to king so nicely!

  3. OMG,it`s AWESOME!!You did a great job.congratulations!!

  4. on the orange quilt i might use swirls, but there is a lot of movement already, the stars in the ditch perhaps, if you get tired of it, i sure have room for it here! all beautiful

  5. Two beautiful quilts! Have no clue for the first one, but the second one I've seen one done with Baptist Fan and it looked great that way.