Sunday, November 11, 2012

Quilting Gadgets/New Project

My husband tells everyone that I have every gadget that pertains to quilting (and he might be, well, nearly right). I had bought a line of fabric several months ago and wanted to do a carpenter's star with it.  I have been playing with my EQ to design it.  But I am a longarm quilter and really wanted some space to show off my quilting so I deleted the star in the middle so I would have some open space.  And then --- I bought the Accu Go Cutter and the Rose of Sharon die.  So I progressed from the open space to an applique Rose of Sharon block.  These are the EQ designs I came up with (minus the applique):

I have EQ Boutique Rose of Sharon, so I printed off 10 blocks:
Then I used my Go Cutter to cut 9,999 half square triangles -- well, it did seem like 9,999, but there wasn't quite that many.  After these were sewn, I had this pile:

After pressing:

And one sample block:

To make the appliques, I used the Go Cutter again but instead of fabric, I used this product by Ricky Tims:

And a glue stick.  And startch.  And a small paint brush.  And the appliques were ready to be placed on the block.  I used my light box for placement:

So, yes, I do love gadgets!!!  I have got to say the Go! Cutter made the half-squares so easy!!!  There was really only 120 of them.  This is my 2013 projects -- I should say ONE of my 2013 projects.. 

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