Monday, March 3, 2014

Chasing Rainbows Quilt & Other Pics

We had a 10" square batik exchange last year in our guild.  Each month we exchanged different colors.  This is what I made with my blocks:

I named it "Chasing Rainbows".  It was so much fun to make!!  And I would have never done it had we not had the batik exchange.
This is what it looked like yesterday in our meadow:
Yep.  That is turkeys!  Lots and lots of turkeys!
And here is our front yard this morning:
What a difference a day makes -- well, not a day - just a night.
And here is my little wild stray.  He likes his heated home:
We have named him Kat, Kat.  Real original, don't you think???? 
Have a beautiful snowy day!

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  1. Your Chasing Rainbows is beautiful! You are so nice to care for Kat. How do you heat his little house? I have many strays and feral cats in my neighborhood and I do feel so sorry for them in the winter.