Saturday, May 9, 2015

Two baby quilts made with memory shirts

Paula made these two cute baby quilts for a friend using shirts from, I believe, the babies' grandfather.

I haven't taken pictures of the back, but they really turned out pretty.
And David bought me this yesterday for Mother's Day!!!  Love that man!!
Now I'm past being my mother -- now I can be my GRANDMOTHER!!  She always had a glider on her front porch which we sat in during the mornings since it was on the west side of the house.  Most of the time we sat on the back porch but she only had rocking chairs back there.  
Love the drop down cup holder.  I can put it up and take a nap.
And here is my mother's old black pot:
Grass doesn't look good because David had sprayed it.  So you have to ignore the yard!
Happy Mother's Day to everyone!  You know where I will be spending my mother's day.

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