Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ruffled Roses BOM Progress

I am a little behind on The Quilt Show's BOM but I will catch up.  I have the 4 baskets finished for May:
And I have the appliqued border finished and sewn on.

And two of the 4 patch borders finished.  Now to get the other two finished.  They go next to the appliqued border.  And this picture also shows portions of the outer border.

I have just printed off the June instructions so maybe by July 1, I will be caught up. 
And this is what is on my LA now.  This is my patriotic quilt and I would like to have it finished before July 4, 2011.  After all, the top was done in 2001!!!!!  Gee, it sure looks like I have a lot of fullness but I think it is because I have it pinned in places.  Oh, well, IT WILL QUILT OUT, right?????

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  1. Hi there :) I just love the Ruffled Roses project - have the fabric waiting and the files carefully saved for when I can start mine. I really like the colors you've gone with.

    Would you like to link this post up to my BOMs AWAY feature? Just a weekly spot to motivate ourselves by sharing what we're working on by way of monthly projects. I'd be honored if you do. :)