Friday, July 8, 2011

Finished this week

I finished my great-niece Chelsea's quilt this week.

Doesn't this just shout feminity. 
And I threw on two of my table runners so I can mark two more off of my UFO list.  The scarecrow table runner was done at our little sewing group's retreat last September.  Everyone else had their runners on their tables in October but I will this October!!!  And the yellow/blue just matches my dishes.  Nothing special about it other than it is FINISHED (well, I still need sew bindings on but that won't take long).  It still goes into the finished pile.

Aren't those little pumkin-headed scarecrows the cutest things! 
And this is the quilt I'm working on now on my design floor.  (Yes, I know I made a design wall but it is full of other quilts in process.  No room for this one!)

Fourteen more blocks and I can get it sewn together.  I'm thinking of an applique border for it though so it may be awhile before it is ready to quilt.  This is the 9 patch quilt kit that I bought at Paducah in 2010.
Next week we head to Knoxville to the AQS show.  Can't wait.  We say we are going to the AQS show but we are really, really going to have the avocado sandwiches we had a couple of years ago there.  Sure hope the restaurant isn't closed.  Don't know the name of the restaurant but I think we can find it. 
Off to can some green beans and get my house cleaned.


  1. Chelsea is one lucky gal!!! That is an amazingly beautiful quilt. I really love the quilting designs you chose for the border treatments.

    Good luck finding the restaurant. Wish I were going to Knoxville! (*Really* wish I were going to the 2011 International in Ireland!!) ::sigh:: My season for traveling to shows will come. . . not too far away now. :D

  2. Chelsea's quilt is spectacular!

  3. To say that I love this quilt, is an understatement!! The quilting just knocks it out of the park!! Love it!

  4. Chelsea's quilt is beautiful, and I love your quilting.