Monday, October 31, 2011

Almost up-to-date on BOM

Nothing like waiting until the last day, but I am up-to-date on The Quilt Show's BOM EXCEPT for one appliqued block plus 7 more berries on the 3rd block.  Only 4 more baskets to go!!  Thank goodness.  I am tired of these little baskets.  I'm so glad that you only have to do 4 per month!!!  You can also see the pieced swag border. 

Here is one of the applique blocks that goes in the corner of the basket border. 

When I began this quilt in January, I envisioned a civil war type quilt.  Well, it is anything but civil warish (is that a word????) .  Too many brights have been added but I still like it, I think.

1 comment:

  1. I am so impressed! I love the colors you've put together for it. I'm actually doing this one, too, but way far behind. I was lazy and got the kit because I couldn't figure out what fabrics to put together for it. I have maybe 1/5th of the vining on the centerpiece. It's my purse project until I have 4 things off my BOM sidebar, and then I'll run it through regularly. I can't wait to have it on that list!