Saturday, November 5, 2011

YIPPEE!! I'm finished with Nov. BOM!!

Note the date --IT IS NOVEMBER 5!!!! -- and my Ruffled Roses BOM is up-to-date!!!!!  I do like it now.

Well, it is sewn together but now I have to applique 8 more little berries where the seams join.  But that is a piece of cake! 
And just so those who visit my house and see my cat always on the towel - well, she has ventured off.  Her new resting place in on the stairs. 

Doesn't that look say:  "Don't you even think about putting me back on the towel!"
I brought my Christmas cactus in a couple of weeks ago.  Have a look. 

I have all the applique stitched in the ditch on Pat's quilt:
Now to do the fill.  I'm just glad to be through with the invisible thread.  I used monolon but it is so fine, it does tend to break often.  I loosened my tension to almost nothing and it sewed much better.  Now on to the Sew Fine and Bottom Line threads.  So much easier to use. 


  1. Beautiful BOM! All that applique...oh my! Not to mention the quilt on your frame-Just gorgeous!

  2. Wowow!!! And I only just barely started appliqueing the stems on the center of mine. . . ;D Love your colors! (It sure would be awesome if you feel like linking your post up at BOMs Away tomorrow)

  3. Im still in awe of your Ruffled Roses :)

  4. Your quilt is beautiful. Is that the BOM from The Quilt Show? You've done a wonderful job.

  5. So much piecing and applique to boot. wow! When using the monolon what do you use in the bobbin?