Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This has been the most beautiful spring.  The dogwoods are prettier than I have ever seen.  These were taken at a cemetary here in McKenzie.  Isn't it the most beautiful, peaceful place!!!

And here are a few from our meadow:

And I have been transplanting day lilies because they have been taking over.  I have a spot where absolutely nothing will grow so I'm putting some day lilies there because they grow ANYWHERE -- at least I hope they do.

And here is our pet cemetary (Lugar and Pug, two boxers we have lost):

Oh, and our boxer, Bruta, in the background.
And I have knockout roses and azaleas blooming.

Well, you can't see them from this distance, but they are blooming.
I have never seen this happen this early in the year.  Just wait until summer -- can you say hot?????

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  1. Thank you so much for posting these! They're lovely to look at and make me wish I were there--except for the sneezing part. Here where I live in NM, we have a few sprigs of green grass--and I counted 4 tulips and 3 or 4 narcissus that hopefully will move on to bud. I did not count the tumbleweeds--don't know if I can count that far!