Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lesson Learned - Quilt Finally Finished

This is the Quilt Show's BOM for, I think, 2009 -- might be 2010.  I have had this quilt on and off the machine so many times and I learned that I lose interest if I remove it from the machine.  I have to finish the quilt when I put it on to keep the continuity.  All I can say is, I'm glad it is off the machine.  Now if I can talk Nancy into hand stitching the binding, it will be a great day for me!!  I do like sewing the binding on with the longarm.  I have always sewn four separate pieces when I bind a quilt, so it works well for me.  All I have to do on the domestic is miter the corners.
I saw another of the BOM quilts with a lightening strike quilting around the small stars and decided to do that.

I purposely make the lightening strikes different but I did NOT purposely plan the four corners!!!   They are ALL different!!  But, hey, no two lightening strikes are alike, are they?????

Sorry my foot was in every one of them.  It has just been one of those days.  Just one more view of  the large stars.
Like I said -- just one of those days.  This one is blurred, but maybe you can get the idea.


  1. What a glorious feeling this must be! Beautiful quilt, beautiful finish!

  2. Beautiful quilting , it really compliments the quilt.

  3. Beautiful quilt, Joyce. Bring it to me Thursday. Wish I had known you were through with it Saturday as I came through Saturday back from the lake.