Monday, February 10, 2014

Borders - the nightmares of longarm quilters & a new "pet"

When I had my longarm business, I hated, did you hear me -- I HATED -- when ladies just sewed the borders on and whacked the extra off!!!!  Nightmare city!  Yes, I know it takes a little time to do it correctly but it is so important.  Go to this site to see an excellent tutorial on "how" to measure and put on a border and "how not to" put on a border and see the difference it makes.  Not fussing because I no long quilt for the public, but, hopefully, this will help those longarm quilters who do quilt for the public.  Look for the tutorial on borders. 
We have a new "pet".  I saw him on the window one morning and I had my husband put him outside.  Well, it wasn't "him", it was his mate, or brother, or sister that was put outside.  He came out later and I don't have the heart to throw him out in the cold.   He (or it) is a little tree frog about the size of a quarter.  He was transported into the house when he made a home in my Christmas cactus and that is where he lives.  He does come out occasionally and sit on the window seal though and I got this picture:
We also have a stray cat -- black and white like our Litl' bit -- but very, very wild.  It has been around for about 3 months.  I would put food out for it and it ate but would run off whenever we went outside.  Litl' Bit had a heated home on our back porch but the cat wouldn't come into the porch.  Litl' Bit has no need for a heated home because she has become a house cat!!  So I put the heated cat house on the front porch and -lo and behold - the cat is sleeping in it.  Thank goodness.  I couldn't stand the thought of it out in this cold weather.  Well, it has a home.  Since I don't know what it is, I just call it Cat, Cat. 
This love of animals in inherited.  My mom passed it on to me. 
I have finished Roll, Roll Cotton Boll but I haven't seen the sun in so long and I can't get good lighting to take a picture.  That will come later.
All I can say now is "Hurry up, spring!"


  1. Thank you for finding my tutorial, and I am delighted that you found it useful!! Thank you for publishing the link with your followers, too!

  2. Ok I'm making my borders EXTRA wide from now on !!!