Monday, July 23, 2012

David's Deer Quilt

My longarm is down waiting for a new needle bar so I've been playing upstairs today.  I have added the braided border to the top and it looks like this:

I know my next border will be a black border - probably 2-1/2" - maybe 3", but I don't know what  border will follow that.  I need it to fit a queen size bed and it is about 60" x 65" now.  Any suggestions?????


  1. What a stunning man's quilt! He is going to love this. The braided border is wonderful. Let's see - you'd need another. . .12" or so? 64 . . . 86 yeah, still need 11-12" bordering after the black you mention. What about another round of the checkerboard and/or maybe some gold work like the fabrics the deer is posing on top of? Or, going the other way, using the fabric that's in the four corners right now and letting the quilting be the star of that portion? Sorry I'm not more creative this morning - soooo exhausted already!

  2. Lyn, what a great idea!! I think I will do a checkerboard with a 16 patch as a border using all the fabrics in the braid.

  3. David's deer quilt is looking great! How would some 4 patches or 9 patches look?