Monday, July 1, 2013

Rose of Sharon Finished!

Are you as tired of this quilt as I am????  Really, I don't know what else could have gone wrong.  Remember the triangles I put in the sashing that I didn't like and had to remove?  When I put in the first sashing, this little voice kept saying, "This doesn't look good."  But did I listen?  No!!  I quilted all the sashings except the last row.  Then I decided to try a feather.  Voila!  Liked it.  But now I had all those sashings to remove.   Took me a few days to get all of them unsewn.  Then I couldn't find the fabric for the binding, but found a piece of the red used in the little churn dashes.  But I wanted the faux piping.  I had  lot of the sashing fabric left but have searched everywhere and could not find it.  But found a similar fabric and used it for the faux piping.  Anyway, here are pictures of the finishd quilt.

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