Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Split Four Patch

I love this technique.  I believe this technique is shown in one of Missouri Quilt Company's videos, but it may have come from the Moda Bake Shop.  You make four patches using two background and two of the same fabric to make the four patch.  Then you cut the four patches 1-1/4" in all directions from the seam lines.  Then re-sew.  It was fun to do!!  But I did end up with two quilts because I made 100 blocks but I cut some at 1-1/4" and some at 1-1/2".  Here is the baby quilt using the 1-1/4" cuts:
I did a panto (Bubbles by Lorien Quilting) on this baby quilt.  I NEVER do pantos and it is so obvious from this little quilt why I don't.  I am absolutely no good at following a panto!!!  My hat is off to everyone who does pantos.  I will custom quilt the large quilt and will post pictures when it is quilted.
I am on a mission to use up scraps this year.  I think I have used 45 yards thus far (even though I have added some yardage).  YES!!!!  But, unfortunately, I don't miss any of the 45 yards!

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