Friday, November 29, 2013

Red, White, Blue Quilt plus

I knew I was going to take awhile on this quilt but not nearly 3 weeks!!  But it was not because of all the marking ---  I just needed a break from the longarm to get my creative mojo back!! Here are some pictures of the quilt -- just lack the binding but my machines are in the shop so that will have to wait.

Littl' Bit has found her spot during this cold spell:
And my Christmas cactus -- how do you say cactus in plural?????
Here is the back of the quilt:

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Ours begin today when the kids get here. 


  1. I love the red, white and blue quilt

  2. Catching up on your quilting blog! Like I don't need to be doing other things this Christmas Eve! I think it is cacti for the plural of cactus. Merry Christmas!