Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas time is for sharing

Wednesday, we had my sewing group and their husbands for a soup or chili
 dinner.  We had such a great time.  I don't know why I didn't take pictures.  Just having too much fun!
I did get my Christmas decorations up.  Here is the tree.  (My walls are not that yellow!!)

Our boxer has cardiomyopathy.  We are hoping he makes it through the holidays.  He has lost so much weight even though he is still eating.  Vet says it is taking all of his energy to pump his heart.  So sad!! 
Not much quilting.  I did get the last of my great-niece's quilts finished.  She has taken her deceased father-in-law's shirts and made them into small quilts for each of the siblings.  I didn't take pictures of her other three (only did a meander on them) because my battery in my camera was dead.  This one has a camo backing so I thought I would do a panto.  I have probably only done less than 10 pantos since I started longarming in 1998.  You can see why.  But I do like the leaf panto.  Looks like the ground of the woods when hunting. 

I have great respect for those who do pantos.  I just don't like the back of the machine -- or following lines.  But some of the pantos are so darned cute that I buy them and then they just lay in the drawer.
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