Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sherry Rogers-Harrison Class at MQS

I have finished my lancaster star that Sherry made for all of the participants in the class.  We did a small practice piece in class and had this to take home.  This is how it looked when I first started to paint:
After many days it is finished.  My nephew had four feather pillows that belonged to my grandmother.  I took one of them and made into this pillow:

I love how the painting turned out and it was lots of fun.  And it goes perfectly with my lemoyne star quilt:

I also took the left-over jelly roll strips from making this quilt and made this pillow also using one my grandmother's feather pillows:

There is a video at  I hope this link works.  If you haven't checked out Missouri Quilt Company's web site, you should at  She has some great tutorials and lots of You Tube videos if you do a search for Missouri Quilt Company at You Tube, you will find them. 

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