Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What I am working on

At AQS in Paducah I bought this pattern:
And a kit to go with it.  I now have it "webbed" down.

Now how in the world do I rotate this??????   Oh, well, you can tell what it is.  It is going to be the medallion center for a quilt for my husband.  I plan to surround it with flying geese and log cabins.  His birthday is Nov. 22 and our anniversay is Dec. 1.  Will I have the quilt finished by then????  We will see.
And I have Barb's quilt on the longarm and I'm almost half through with it.  It is rainy today so I couldn't get the right lighting so you could see the quilting, but here it is:

And I have all the blocks made for Pie in the Sky and have begun sewing them together as you can see on the bottom.  I decided to go with a solid sashing rather than all the squares Kim Diehl used. 

Now if it would just rain and get it over with, I could do some  quilting on Barb's quilt.  Our electricity goes out at the drop of a pin so I don't dare try it when it is dark and looking rainy. 

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