Sunday, May 20, 2012


Fabric 1 (dark red):  Cut two 5" squares
                                 Cut twelve 2-1/2" squares
Fabric 2 (pink):  Cut two 5" squares
Fabric 3 (black):  Cut eight 2-1/2" squares
Fabric 4 (orange):  Cut five 4-1/2" squares

Place a 5" dark red and a 5" pink square right sides together.  Mark diagonally from corner to corner and sew 1/4" from drawn line.  Do the same with the other set of pink and dark red squares.  You will have four of these:

Using the connector square method, make four of these using the black on one side and the dark red on the other side of the orange 4-1/2" squares.  You will have four like this:

Take the remaining orange 4-1/2" square and sew a red 2-1/2" square in each corner using the connector square method.  You will have one like this:

Lay out your pieces as shown and sew together as a nine patch.

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