Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sherry Rogers-Harrison Class at MQS

The girls (Linda and Dana) and I took Paint-leque from Sherry Rogers-Harrison at MQS.  What fun we had.  I don't know why I didn't take pictures of our art work (she gave us a quilted small piece to practice on) other than brain drain.  But we all enjoyed it.  Here are pictures of Sherry's quilts and our inspiration:

This is one of her award winning quilts.  Nope, that is not applique!!  She quilted it on white PDF fabric and then painted it.  Exquisite!!!
On for more eye candy:

Yep.  All done the same way -- quilted and then painted.  She gave each studio a quilted piece to paint.  This is the quilted piece that she had painted for samples:

Of course, we bought all the paints and can't wait to start painting this little quilt!  I would really like to take all of ther classes but time didn't permit.  I am not sure that this would be faster than needle turned applique, but I sure like the technique. 
And this is a pattern that Dana bought.  Can't wait to see it finished:
The trip was GREAT!  And it got my mojo going again.  Can't wait to paint and quilt!

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